Saide Mobayed

President (Nov 2020- Nov 2021)

Saide is a second year PhD candidate in Sociology at the University of Cambridge. In her dissertation, Saide looks at how data on fem(in)icide is being globally compared and locally contested. By zooming-in on practices of digital data collection and digital data activism in Mexico, her project traces the transnational controversies of quantifying the gender-related killing of women and girls.


Elias Rafael Ruiz-Morales

Vice President (Nov 2020- Nov 2021)

Elias is a PhD student in Genomics at the Sanger Institute | University of Cambridge. His research interests include immune-genomics, immunology, virology, host-pathogen interactions, as well as applying multi-omic and single-cell approaches.

Prior to coming to Cambridge, Elias obtained a bachelor's degree (Hons) in Genomic Sciences at the UNAM.


Armandina Almanza Gutierrez

Treasurer (Nov 2020- Nov 2021)

Armandina is working on a research project funded by the Wellcome Trust at the Autism Research Centre, University of Cambridge.

Prior to coming to Cambridge, Armandina obtained an MA (Hons) in Psychology at the University of Edinburgh, and completed an MSc in Clinical Mental Health Sciences at University College London. She also worked in a study of childhood schizophrenia at Imperial College London.


Jaime Esqueda

Communications and IT Officer (Nov 2020- Nov 2021)

Jaime is currently working in Student Recruitment for the Queen Mary University of London partnership at Cambridge Education Group.

He is passionate about meeting new people, enjoys being in multicultural environments and enjoys organizing events.


David Posner

Academic Officer (Nov 2020- Nov 2021)

David is a first year PhD student in the Department of Medicine. David's studying how the immune system operates in the brain, a site previously thought to be of limited access for the adaptive immune system. In his thesis, David hopes to address fundamental questions about the nature of the adaptive immune system in the CNS: it's role, mechanisms of cellular infiltration and the processes that occur in health and inflammation.


Elizabeth Figueroa-Juárez

Welfare Officer (Jan 2021- Nov 2021)

Elizabeth is undertaking a 4-year PhD programme  in Metabolic and cardiovascular disease. Her research interests include adipose tissue metabolism, obesity, fibrosis, and extracellular matrix biology.

Prior to coming to Cambridge, Elizabeth studied at the chemistry faculty at UNAM and  holds a MSc degree (honors) in Biomedicine from the medicine faculty at UNAM too.  She also obtained  an MRes degree in metabolic and cardiovascular disease from the University of Cambridge.